Reflected Glory

The Life of Pamela Churchill Harriman

“Over five years and 400 interviews, the author has left no stone unturned…The portrait is finely balanced, and the fullest we are likely to get.”
The New York Times Book Review, Ben Macintyre

“Sally Bedell Smith’s savvy unauthorized biography…reads as if it had written itself…Reflected Glory is some piece of work about some piece of work.”
Time, R.Z. Sheppard

“This meticulously detailed book comes as close as anyone probably can to explaining the success of the woman Smith describes as the century’s greatest courtesan.”
Newsweek, Barbara Kantrowitz

“A treasure trove of scrupulous reporting, delicious details and elegant writing, presenting the fullest portrait of Harriman to date.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Karen Heller

“Reflected Glory is so painstakingly researched and thoroughly engrossing, it will keep the Itty Bitty Book Lights glowing in Georgetown town houses and Park Avenue aeries into the wee hours, working any readers who may have been on the receiving end of Mrs. Harriman’s blunt sword into giddy paroxysms of Schadenfreude.”
The New York Observer, Alex Kuczynski

“Only one word can describe Sally Bedell Smith’s new biography of Pamela Churchill Harriman. Delectable…As a biographer, Smith presents Harriman’s extraordinary life in an evenhanded manner…One cannot help but admire Harriman’s determination, discipline and drive to succeed.”
USA Today, Deirdre Donahue