Elizabeth the Queen

The Life of a Modern Monarch

“A respectful, engrossing and perceptive portrayal” Publisher’s Weekly

“Sally Bedell Smith’s book on Queen Elizabeth II is an enterprising,
well-researched and intelligent work on a difficult subject, and
deserves to be widely read.” –Paul Johnson

“After 60 years on the throne, the monarch of Britain is better known
for her poker face than for sly wit or easy charm. Yet in biographer
Sally Bedell Smith’s Elizabeth the Queen, Her Majesty sparkles with
both. Via interviews with a legion of royal watchers, from horse
trainers to lords and ladies, Smith teases out a woman both austere and
animated, duty-bound yet undeniably authentic.” –More Magazine

“She was so young, and the task was so enormous. Yet with grace and a determination to do her duty come what may-and so much has indeed come-Elizabeth II studiously made herself part of the fabric of global civilization in the most tumultuous of times. This is a terrific book about a fascinating figure. -Jon Meacham

“A deeply researched, unvarnished, and therefore totally fascinating portrait of the transcendent icon of our age… Many authors have written about Elizabeth II, but none of them can match the literary style, wit, or insightful commentary of Sally Bedell Smith.-Amanda Foreman

“In an era plagued by flawed public figures, the world’s most famous woman has graced her realm impeccably for sixty years. She does so by being both mysterious and grounded. Sally Bedell Smith, through great reporting and insightful writing, provides a revealing look inside the palace to show how the Queen balances being both modern and traditional. Our celebrity-saturated world could learn a lot from her-and from this book.-Walter Isaacson

This is a biography that avoids none of the difficult questions. Sally Bedell Smith asks them in a way no one else has dared.-Nancy Milford

Elizabeth the Queen shows the woman as well as the monarch, and helps us to understand how Elizabeth has become a key figure in the history of our times.” -Margaret MacMillan

Elizabeth the Queen is an engaging, insightful, and altogether entertaining journey through the life and trials of the world’s most beloved monarch. By the end of Sally Bedell Smith’s winning book, I felt as if I had a new friend in Buckingham Palace.” -Tom Brokaw

A compelling, deeply human portrait of the remarkable Elizabeth II. This is a biography not to be missed.” -Lynne Olson

“Sally Bedell Smith’s Elizabeth the Queen is a remarkable and sympathetic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. At the same time, it provides a fascinating picture of the major modern enterprise that monarchy has become. It is a deft and very readable book.” -Michael Korda

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